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D's Mobile Detailing provides nice, clean, well-polished auto detailing.  Take a look at this page to learn more about our auto detailing services.

Vehicles that Auto Detailers work on

The auto detailer’s job covers the widest range of vehicles. These include:

·         Cars

·         Buses

·         Trucks

·         Vans

·         RVs

·         Boats

·         Airplanes

·         Motorcycles

Must Have Skills of Auto Detailers

Auto detailers need to have special skills in order to perform their jobs effectively. Some of these skills are general and apply to all detailing jobs, while some are unique to auto detailers. Let's look at some of these skills.[G1] [G2] 

A wide knowledge base on a variety of different vehicles

For obvious reasons, it is necessary for auto detailers to know about a wide range of vehicles. This includes on their exterior, interior, and engine. In order to be able to competently work on any vehicle, auto detailers must know about their interior materials, what will work best to clean them, and so on. Though not necessary, it will be a plus if the detailer knows how to drive these vehicles too.[G3] 

Ability to operate tools needed for detailing a range of vehicles

Auto detailers need to know how to operate all the cleaning tools that will be used in detailing these vehicles. This will save both him and the customer a whole lot of stress that can come by a detailing job gone wrong.

Knowledge of detergents used on a variety of vehicles

Depending on the materials that the vehicle is made of, it may require special cleaning detergents. Auto detailer should be knowledgeable of the all the different cleaning solutions and how they should be mixed.

Past experience in working on a variety of vehicles

A good auto detailer should have experience working with a variety of vehicles, even if it involved working along with someone who was working on them. Thus the detailer will be in a better position to know what to expect and deal with situations as they arise.