Auto Detailing - D's Mobile Detailing

In an era where the automobile is the primary source of transportation, the need for auto detailing has certainly become more relevant. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most growing industries, since the increased use of automobiles came with the need of constant maintenance.

What is Auto Detailing?

Contrary to popular belief, auto detailing goes far beyond the mere auto cleaning which involves washing and waxing. It involves a more holistic approach to automobile enhancement. It encompasses the cleaning, restoring, and finishing works done on motor vehicles in an effort to make them look as good as new.

Components of Auto Detailing

There are two main components of auto detailing. These are:

·         Interior Detailing

·         Exterior Detailing

Some customers choose to focus on one area more than the other, depending on their need.

Interior Detailing

This involves works done on the cabin (inside) of the vehicle in an effort to totally transform its appearance to look as new as possible. Thorough vacuuming of mats, carpets, and seats are done. There is also much focus on stain removal. Areas in which there is vinyl are cleaned, conditioned, and polished. Additionally, work is done on removing scratches and shining other areas. The interior of the trunk is also given a thorough cleaning.

Exterior Detailing

This involves extensive works done on the outside of the vehicle. It includes the thorough cleaning and polishing of wheels and rims and the shining and treating of windows with rain repellent. The entire exterior including the dashboard is also cleaned and polished making sure all scratches and scrapes are removed to give the exterior a totally finished appearance.

Auto detailing is important if a vehicle is to maintain its appearance. It is also necessary if the occupants of these vehicles are to be comfortable while using them.