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Boat Detailing Sarasota And Bradenton

Ultimately Boat Detailing services will be priced based on the size/condition of your boat and the level of detail perfection your expectations require.

We charge a local sales tax in addition to our prices. Price may vary based on vehicle size, condition and/or location. 





At D's Auto Spa and Mobile Detailing, we take boats seriously. Boats represent many variables with regards to condition and construction configurations. For example, a closed bow versus an open bow boat is one of many variables, just as a deep-V hull versus a low hull ski-boat.

  • Washing of boat and trailer.

  • Clay bar gel coat.

  • Application of marine grade sealant to boat, trailer, out-drive.

  • Complete shampooing of interior seating, underneath seating, carpeting, vacuuming including all storage bins.

  • Detailing dash components including gauges and surrounding gel coat.

  • Cleaning of wheels.

  • Dressing trailer tires



Boats have their share of miscellaneous scratches and transfer marks from docks, fender/bumper guards, other boats, etc. We can do many things to remove these various scratches and transfer marks during the boat detailing process. This is where experience really helps in determining the best solution.

Many inexperienced detailers will simply take an aggressive compound to your boat, along with a high-speed buffer as a fix-all solution. Many times more mild forms of approach can be a better solution. Experience will dictate the best solution based on both effective and efficient techniques and product choice.

This can be added to your boat detailing requests and will be priced fairly based on specifics of you and your boat.



This can complicate things quickly when trying to price.

You can figure an additional charge of $75.00 per hour if oxidation removal is necessary. Usually we price separately as many customers request limited areas of oxidation removal in conjunction with normal detailing of boat.

An additional $150-$250.00 is normal for many boat owners looking to rejuvenate the top surfaces of their boat through polishing. Of course boats come in so many lengths and configurations so these are merely examples.



The following are additional charges to be added to basic boat detail pricing:

  • Wash plus Wax

  • Engine detailing/degreasing.

  • Decal removal

  • Painted lettering removal.

  • Out drive detailing/polishing.

  • Water-scum/water spot removal.

  • Excessive dirt within interior.

  • Excessive dirt removal from vinyl seating.