Car Detailing

Over the years, many have come to depend on their cars for their primary means of transportation. It is therefore only fair that we return the favor and go beyond the normal cleaning and treat them to a professional car detailing.

What is Car Detailing

Car detailing involves a more detailed cleaning process of car enhancement that makes use of cleaning, polishing and restoring from top to bottom and inside to outside of the car. It is more meticulous than car cleaning since it focuses on the care of every aspect of the car with the use of special tools and materials that are not used during a regular cleaning process.

Works Done in Car Detailing

Car detailing focuses on the total replenishing of the entire car which includes the interior and exterior. Here’s a look at some of the works that car detailing involves.

Exterior Works

·         Complete wash of the outside of the car with the ideal detergent.

·         Hand drying he outside with microfiber towels to prevent scratches and protect the paint.

·         Cleaning all door jambs and trunk seals.

·         Polishing and buffing with special cloth.

·         Waxing all paint surfaces.

·         Dressing exterior plastics.

·         Cleaning and degreasing wheels and tires.

·         Polishing rims.

·         Wiping down engine compartments.

·         Restoring headlights if necessary.

Exterior Works

§  Detailed vacuum of every inch of the inside from seats to carpets to mats to inside the trunks.

§  Shampooing carpets, seats, floors, mats, and trunk. If seats are made of leather, they will be deep cleaned and conditioned. If they are made of fabric, they will be deep cleaned and shampooed.

§  Dusting and wiping all interior surfaces.

§  Application of UV protectant to all interior surfaces made of wood.

§  Cleaning and shining interior windows.