Car detailing service

In an effort to take care of your car, a car detailer offers a wide variety of detailing services for you to choose from. Some detailers offer a comprehensive passage that includes certain key service for a standard price. It therefore means that any extra service will cost you more money. A clearer understanding of the services offered by a car detailer will help you to choose what is right for you.

Services that a Car Detailer Provide

Here’s a look at some car detailing services provide.

Full exterior

In an aid to make the car look worthy of being in the showroom, it is washed, waxed, and polished. Oxidized paint and scratches are also removed.

Full interior

This includes shampooing all fabric areas of the inside of the car such as the mats and seats. Door panels, ash trays, cup holders, and dashboard are also thoroughly cleaned. All hard to reach places are vacuumed and instruments and other areas are wiped down and polished.

Hand wash

This service includes a total wash, removal of bug and tartar and the washing of wheels and tires. Windows are also washed and polished. All this is done by hand with scratch free sponges and towels.

Wash and wax

This is an addition to the regular hand wash. Apart from the normal hand wash, you can choose to get a wash and wax service which includes all the services provided by the hand wash along with a good waxing.

Engine detail

This involves spraying the engine to degrease it and doing a steam clean. This will get rid of all grease, dust, and grime.

Wheel detail

You can choose to concentrate on your wheels alone by giving them a good wash, dry, polish and wax.

Leather treatment

Constant exposure to the sun can cause your leather to fade and crack. This can be reduced by applying a special conditioner to your leather.

Exterior vinyl and plastic protection

Vinyl and plastics can easily become discolored making your car look unsightly. This can be prevented by applying a special treatment.