Water Spot Removal

Will a Ceramic Coating Protect Against Water Spots?

At D’s Auto Spa & Mobile Detailing, we are your local Bradenton, Parrish, and Lakewood Ranch experts in both ceramic coatings as well as water spot removal; a question that we get asked regularly is, “Will a ceramic coating protect my vehicle from water spots?” First and foremost, we need to understand just exactly what water spots are.

So, what are water spots and what causes them? Have you ever noticed small spots such as the ones shown here, on your glass or paint? These are what we call water spots.

They are caused when water that is “hard” (containing minerals) dries or evaporates on the surface of your vehicle, thus leaving behind the minerals that were once contained within the water. These minerals quickly (sometimes within just hours!) begin to embed into your clearcoat and, without receiving immediate attention, can leave permanent etching on the surface!

Water Spot Removal.jpg

Water spots can be caused while hand washing, from a car wash that is using recycled water, sprinkler systems, or any other ways water can be introduced to your vehicle. So what should you do if you notice these pesky little spots? The good news is that if they are caught early enough, water spots can be completely removed in many cases with professional chemicals and techniques! Step one is to contact your local experts here at D’s at 941-900-5890, contactus@dsmobiledetailing.com, or schedule your appointment at www.dsmobiledetailing.com. After inspection of your vehicle, we will be able to provide you with an estimate of what is required to complete water spot removal on your vehicle, as well as provide you with the information needed to maintain the vehicle after its service.

Will a ceramic coating protect your vehicle from getting water spots? Unfortunately, the answer no. A ceramic coating will offer protection against many things (like UV rays, bug guts, road gime, etc.,), and is a truly amazing product that will enable you to maintain your vehicle much easier than ever before – however due to the nature of hard water, it does not resist the etching that is caused from the minerals. If you have a vehicle that has been damaged with water spots, contact us immediately! While it may not be possible to completely remove the etching left behind, it is possible that we can salvage the finish of your vehicle before it’s too late. At D’s Auto Spa and Mobile Detailing, we are here to answer all of your water spots & ceramic coatings questions – contact us today at 941-900-5890