Benefits of getting your car ceramic coated


should I get my car Ceramic Coated?

This is the most common question I get asked whenever our customers buy a new car. The short answer is YES!!! Let’s dive deeper into this topic of ceramic coatings and the benefits you get from these amazing detailing products. I have listed points below to describe the abilities a coated vehicle will receive after a ceramic treatment.

Benefits of ceramic coatings:








What is ceramic made of and how does it compare to wax and paint sealants?

What’s it made of?

A liquid polymer or SiO2 that is applied by hand or sprayed onto the exterior and/or interior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle's factory clear coat creating a layer of protection that is 3 times the hardness with self cleaning properties.

The difference between Ceramic Coating vs Wax or Sealants.

See table below for comparison:

Wax is dead and ceramic coatings are king.
— D's Auto Spa and Mobile Detailing

The reason we highly recommend a ceramic coated car.

I have been using ceramic coatings as a professional detailer since 2010. I have had every one of my own personal vehicles coated and even my mobile detailing van coated. I must say the #1 reason to have your vehicle coated in the Florida where we are located would be the protection you get from bugs especially the love bugs. These bugs have one mission it seems and it’s to destroy your car and leave you with lasting damage that in most cases cost the owner a lot more then what we offer with our budget friendly options for Ceramic Pro here at D’s. The second reason would be to always have a clean car even in the midst of a heavy rain storm, “It’s like receiving a high-end detail” many customers tell me this after calling us for a ceramic coating for their investment.

I say investment because a vehicle is ranked in america as the 3rd largest purchases you will make in your life next to a new home or a wedding. Why not cut your time when you wash your car in most cases less then half, I know if I bought a new vehicle tomorrow it would be on its way to the detail shop to get ceramic protection.

The third reason ties into the last reason, since a automobile is such a large investment you have to make sure you pick the right auto detailing company.

Here is a list of things to look for on their car detailing websites or Facebook pages:

  • We are licensed and Insured

  • We provide high quality detailing

  • We are certified installers

  • We are Established

  • Customers Reviews

  • Detailing Photos of Past Work

What surfaces can be ceramic coated?

The possibilities of what can be coated with ceramic coatings are endless but here is a short list:

  • Exterior Paint

  • Wheels

  • Glass

  • Leather

  • Interior

  • Exterior Trim

  • Headlights

How to maintain a coated car?

It’s super easy to clean a car that has been ceramic coated. Use a PH balanced car soap and use air to dry or microfibers and have your car detailed by the company that installed your nano glass ceramic coating once a year to maintain your warranty. Once a year your detailer will throughly wash and decontaminate the coating and make sure it is holding up and also top off your vehicle with a ceramic sealant to boost the hydrophobic ability of Ceramic Pro.

Can I hire D’s Auto Spa and Mobile Detailing to install my ceramic coating?

Yes, of course you can! D’s is located in Bradenton, FL and we also service Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch FL.

We perform all Ceramic Nano Coatings in our Auto Spa or we can arrange to have the work done at your home. “We come to you”. We will require a travel charge out of our local service area including travel and hotel if in another state. We having been offering coatings, paint correction, interior and exterior detail services for 11 years. We are insured to even handle the most exotic sports cars to anything you have a need for in auto detailing. Our promise to our customer is “A High Quality Detail You Can Trust”!