Mobile auto Detailers

A mobile auto detailer is someone who provides a mobile auto detailing service. Because being mobile mean that you are constantly on the go, providing this service may be a challenge without the right equipment. It is therefore necessary for the mobile auto detailer to invest in the right equipment since it may very well determine the degree of success in their business.

Must Have Equipment for Mobile Auto Detailers

Here’s a list of equipment that will aid in the success of your mobile auto detailing business.

Water Containment Mats

An expert mobile auto detailer will focus on completing the job with little inconvenience to the customer. Dealing with water makes it very easy for things to get wet and messy. It is therefore necessary for the detailer to find a way to contain excess water until it is time to dispose of it. Water containment mats can be used to do this. The detailer however needs to ensure that the mat is big enough to fit the vehicles that he works on.

Car wash Water Tanks

Although you may be able to access water on site to work with, there is no guarantee that this is definitely possible. It is therefore wise for the mobile auto detailer to secure his own water tank and accessories so that water shortage will never be a hindrance in getting the job done. These tanks are available in a variety of sizes to fit the detailer’s needs.


These are necessary to give the interior of the vehicle a good cleaning. The mobile auto detailer should secure a vacuum that can between the interior crevices, around consoles, under upholstery, and through the interior space of the vehicle. Vacuums are available in a variety of brands with a variety of features.

Polisher Buffer

These make polishing and buffing an ease. They are easy to use and leave the vehicle looking spanking new.

Investing in the necessary equipment is necessary if a mobile auto detailer is to be successful. Ensure that they are right size so that they can be carried around.