Mobile Boat Detailers

Because the jobs are similar in nature, some customers have the misconception that any auto detailer can perform detailing work on their boats. This is certainly not so. A mobile boat detailer is trained specifically to provide boat detailing services. This detailer travels to the customer’s home or wherever the boat is located to provide these services.

It is interesting to note that a professional car detailer may not necessarily be able to perform efficient detailing services on a boat. This is because the two jobs require different skills, materials, and tools. Additionally, the interior of the car is made from different materials than the boat, thus making the cleaning process quite different.

Skills Mobile Boat Detailers Must Have

Here are some must have skills that a boat detailer must possess that a car detailer might not necessarily have:

Fiber Glass Scratch Removal

Boats can easily be scratched when docking or by bumping into other boats or items. A skilled boat detailer will be trained in removing these scratches. He will know what solution to use and the techniques to employ to having a scratch free boat.

Rub Marks Removal

These marks are very easy to come by since boats are constantly rubbing against one thing or the other. an experience mobile boat detailer will once again employ the perfect techniques in removing these marks and restoring the boat’s appearance.

Fiberglass and Gel Coat Restoration

An expert boat detailer is skilled in the treatment of oxidation which may be of varying levels. Depending on its severity, the detailer will know what to use and do. After oxide is removed, the surface is then polished for a smooth finish.

Other skills needed

In addition to the aforementioned skills, a boat detailer should also be skilled in:

·         Water pots removal

·         Water scum removal

·         Decal removal

·         Engine detailing

·         Engine degreasing

You should never take for granted that any auto detailer can do the job. Ensure you verify whether the person has the skill set required before hiring.